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13 must have first aid items for chicken-MkulimaTODAY.co.ke

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Ever thought of having a first aid kit for your chicken?

You never started out in poultry farming for fun or as a loss vehicle that I can guarantee.

Treating your chicks like your own children with TLC is the only sure way to get the best harvest.

For you to have the desired results as harvests your flock must be healthy.

Today we will be going through the 13 must have items in your first aid kit.

1.Vet contact info

Many farmers have no experience or clue when they are hit hard in the face by difficulty.

Because of this lack of knowledge you get into DIY mode and either make the process worse or solve it.

The sure way to go about this is by having the contacts of your most reliable vet officer on speed dial and in an easily accessible place if you can’t afford to have a full time vet officer.

2.Bandage and medical tape

I have this on my farm not for human use but for injuries and wounds on the birds so as to avoid pecking or secondary infections.

3.Flash light and batteries

Looking at every corner of the poultry house is not easy even with the entire room and house being well lit.

A flash light with well powered batteries ensures you have no stone left unattended to.

They also come in handy during night visits or in case of a black out, and you have to locate the generator switch.

4.Latex gloves

Like any other disease under the sun poultry diseases can be easily transmitted and are highly infectious.

It is easily transmitted when it comes to chicken flock from either the air, feathers or even what you wear.

So at all times have your gloves on to prevent the spread of such diseases as you handle the flock.

I recommend this procedure especially as you handle any sick birds


This is a safe disinfectant for chicken and works wonders to help save open wounds from any forms of infections.


Use saline at every moment to flush unwanted objects from the eye area to help prevent the chicken from infections and spread of the same.

7.Pet crate

Always make sure all sick birds are separated from the flock early enough to prevent the spread of the disease and reduce causalities in your farm.

This is a quarantine box that you should use to isolate sick birds, recovering birds or new birds before you introduce them to the flock.

8.Styptic powder/cornstarch

In case of any bleeding this is your go to vitamin k supplement. The use of either of the two above helps in the stoppage of bleeding within the shortest time possible.

9.probiotics or garlic powder

The first defense for any chicken against diseases and infections just like you and I is their immune system.

Use the two above in order to boost the immunity of your flock.

This helps in ensuring you have a better harvest period due to reduced losses as a result of disease.

10.Nail trimmers, scissors and tweezers

This is the support I would recommend any day and time in this war to keep your flock healthy.

You might lose some battles but you have to win the war.

Use trimmers to trim the nails and spurs trim, scissors to cut the bandages and lastly tweezers to pick up any foreign materials from the body of your hens.

11. Petroleum jelly

There is nothing as bad and ugly like cold or dry skin for chicken.

I believe you don’t like having a cold or dry skin either.

Use petroleum jelly on combs and wattles to prevent frost bites and apply on any dry locations like the legs and provide sufficient clean water for the birds at all time to prevent them from developing dry skin.

12. Pestene powder and diatomaceous earth

This is one of the all-time greatest defense systems against mites or lice.

It is the iron dome in your farm.

13. Electrolytes.

Give this to sick and weak birds to help provide your birds with a kick back to full health.


It is very hard work rearing a single chicken to maturity.

With this in mind any losses are painful be it from theft, diseases or animals like eagles, cats and dogs.

You might not have a first aid kit on your farm but make an effort so that you can have the items I have listed above to help reduce losses and ensure you harvest you had earned cash.

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