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3 ways to provide heat to your chicks

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So as a way to separate my chicks from their mother as a way to introduce it the other flock and eventually to the cocks to make it start producing again, in the process I learnt some behaviors I would like to share with you.
The morning was a chilly one, it having rained the previous evening and by 8 in the morning the sun was still in dilemma weather to provide heat and light or a single one of the two.
The chicks are slightly over two weeks old at this moment and partially feathered, the separation was great as the chicks pecked the cold away as their mother went on with her own business.
Since I provided no source of heat for the birds, after feeding for some time they would huddle together in one location with their bodies touching for about 3 minutes and then keep on eating.The circle would continue until there was sufficient heat from the sun reaching the room.
If you have experienced this type of behavior the below heating types can help you reduce mortality due to cold weather.

  1. Spot brooding

In this method your chick have a localized heat source and access to a source of water in a cooler place. This is easier as the chicks determine their own needs and move closer or further away from the heat source.

  1. Partial house heating

This is more like a whole house heating since the whole house is heated. The difference would be the saving of energy.
The heating area is reduced in according with the flock size, and as the chicks grow the heating area is adjusted as per the flocks needs.
Though all brooding systems require ventilation you should put more emphasis in partial house brooding as it improves and helps in the circulation of heat.
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  1. Whole house heating

The whole brooding room is heated to the room temperature and the chicks have no option of either hot or cold area of the brooding area.

Temperature requirements

Age in days                                         Brooder temperature (F)

                                                                Winter                 Summer

1-7                                                          90                           95
8-14                                                       85                           90
15-21                                                     80                           85
22-28                                                     75                           80
29-35                                                     70                           75
36-Market                                           70                           70


Just like a mother hen keeps her chicks under her until they have grown feathers and are able to control their body temperature, brooding is the artificial Magement of keeping chicks warm until they feather.
A chick has no way to regulate its own body temperature until it is about two weeks of age. Brooding period is critical and always lasts for a period of about 4 weeks. Without brooding the chicks can’t control their body temperatures and may chill to death.
I would not want you to lose your investment before you receive returns from it.
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Types of brooding and equipment

Broody is natural as when there is a mother hen or when with the use of artificial methods to warm the chicks.
If electricity is available use the infra-red bulb instead of using a charcoal stove as it requires refilling a factor that might be hard to do if you are absent or asleep.
A single 250 watts infra-red bulb is good enough for 150-250 chicks and you should have the bulb at the center of your brooding area.


You can make your own brooder from cardboard sheets or mats.
These keeps chicks closer enough to the source of heat from .To avoid suffocation and even death, your brooder guard should be made in a circular shape and with no corners.
The height of your brooder should be 1.5ft.A guard of diameter 4m is sufficient for 500 chicks
Remember warmth is money.
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