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4 ways to ensure your eggs get to market

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I have come across a lot of questions from farmers asking me how they can ensure more of their eggs reach the market in a better condition.I have written this article to list for you some of the best ways to ensure you get to market and have the sales of a lifetime in one shot.
Eggs can be sold by graded size or by total package weight. Selling by graded size involves weighing each egg individually and grading the eggs within certain weight ranges (commonly Small, Medium and Large).
 The four concerns regarding egg transport are:
1. Protection against mechanical damage, which can be achieved by avoiding excessive shaking, especially where roads are bad, and by using spring suspensions on bicycle carriers.
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2. Protection against poor egg handling, which can be achieved by providing convenient loading levels to make lifting easier.
3. Protection against tainting odours.
4. Protection against exposure to high temperatures in transport. Safe for you to earn.Remember you cannot make money if you break all of them or loose them to poor handling.
Remember for you to earn you must get to the market with good eggs.
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