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5 Factors to consider when making your own chicken feeder | The basics – MkulimaTODAY.co.ke

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Ever tried to provide for your chicken the same way you would like to treat your own self?

In the aim of boosting production but just don’t know where to start or what to do, well today you and I will be discussing the, must haves in a chicken feeder not only to ensure they receive their daily food but to ensure there is efficiency and comfort in the process.

If you have the intention of making a chicken feeder that is customized or due to insufficient funds you want to create a temporary feeder for your flock.

Regardless of your needs and reasons there are a few fundamentals that you have to consider in order for your chicken and yourself to have a desired intention.

Below are five basic concepts that your feeder must have


Ensure the design of your feeder weather for adult birds or chicks they are able to use it with a lot of ease.

The height of the feeder should be that the hens don’t strain to access the feed. Chicken feed comfortably if their feeder is below their backs and they have to lower their heads to feed.

If you see the chicken struggling to feed by raising their feet or necks then it’s a sign that the design is flawed and you should adjust the feeder.

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The color of your feeder should be easily visible to the flock. The color will help in attracting the hens to the container as a matter of curiosity and make them eat.

The ideal colour of the base of your feed should be painted red as the eyes of the hens easily notice the colour.


When deciding the size of the feeder keep in mind the targeted type, size and age of the birds.

You want to consider the size of the feeder so that the chicks don’t get trapped in the feeder leading to feed wastage and contamination.

The feeder should also be large enough to accommodate a variety of birds so they don’t struggle and fight for feeding space.

The feeder should also be designed in a way that it minimizes wastage of feed by the chicken scratching and pouring out the feeds.

To avoid wastage fill the feeder 1/3 full and be anchored well either placed on stable ground or suspended or being knocked over.



The feeder should be located in a central well light location where all the flock members are able to access and see the feeder to enable them feed.


Remember the for you to see any success in your poultry farming venture the feed and type of feed that you birds feed on are as important to them as their own security.

Without the proper feeder and feeds you are unable to command good prices in the market if the hens don’t have the right weight in return you farm will be running into losses or reducing your profit margins.

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