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5 tips on pump selection for sprinklers –

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This article is more about pump heads.

If you own a rain gun or planning to procure some for your farm then you have probably thought of what head you should use.

Always know the specifications of your sprinkler before going out of your way to get a pump.

Insist on the above basics and look out for the following options too:-

1. Elevation

Elevation is the vertical distance from the location of your pump to the farm’s highest point.

Remember it is not a slope and don’t confuse.

The recommended elevation is 4 meters.

2, Frictional loss.

This is the resistance as water flows through the pipes and the pump has to work to counter it.

You should know that pipes with smaller diameters have a higher resistance to the water flow and the longer the distance the water is needed the high the resistance.


A 2 inch pipe has a resistance of 10 meters.

If  the  total sprinkler head is 44 meters at a flow rate of 15m3. The ideal pump should have a head of 44 meters and a flow rate of 15m3 for the rain guns too.

3. Peak flow.

This is the rate at which water flows from the sprinkler for example 15m3/hour.

4. Sprinkler pressure

The best sprinkler pressure requirements is measured in bars and thee ideal sprinkler pressure is 2 bars or 20 meters.

5. Lift

Lift is the vertical distance from the surface of the water pump.

Many surface pumps have lifts of up to 8 meters, anything above 8 meters requires you to get a submersible pump.

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