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6 Ways to boost productivity and flock health on your farm – MkulimaTODAY.co.ke

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Mkulima at her farm, mercy’s birds have their intestines coming out and pecked as they lay.

This same problem is faced by many farmers, but they suffer in silence….and many times we blame a particular breeder that their birds peck too much

Let’s take a look at some of the facts about the cause of the problem

1. Wrong regulation of growth of the birds during the grower phase.

when I was in a training in mukono, I taught about regulation of growth through proper light management, avoiding over feeding , taking average weekly weights, uniformity etc…..if you don’t do all this, the birds will get such problems when they grow old. These are the same birds which start laying when they are under age ( nga tezinetuuka)….

Solution; we should not force the birds to lay when they are still young. It’s very bad. 18 to 20 weeks is safer to start laying than 16 or 17 weeks

2. Too much boosting of the birds;

the so called egg boosters and heavy vitamins that you always supplement your birds have a lot of nutrients which many times make the eggs very big to an extent that the birds’ small vent cannot handle……awo enkoko nezepasula😀


The premix you have in the feed is enough to give your birds good and well balanced vitamins. Let no remarketing vets mislead you into egg boosters

Too much of eggboosting on these starting layers will burst their behinds

3. Mineral imbalance

Dealers of concentrates are fighting hard to have their formulations cheaper than the other competitors….so many times they have ended up with imbalance of minerals in the complete feed.

Among these minerals is the calcium.

Inadequate calcium in feed leads to weak bones, weak eggshells, cage layer fatigue, more damages in eggs and *weak muscles*

The muscles that hold back the vent after laying become weak and just leave the vent out….so exposing the vent to being pecked by other birds.


Add good quality lime in feed, in its rightful amounts in the feed. Do not adulterate your feed with excess broken maize too.

You also need SANGROMIX ACTIVE D feed.

the sangromix active D helps in proper metabolism of calcium, improving liver function, stopping damaged eggs , stopping leg paralysis and cage layer fatigue. 300g of sangromix active D in a tonne of feed.

Lime or shells? Which one is better

Lime ( preferably white lime) is readily available calcium for utilisation. So it puts less burden on the intestine during digestion….and works faster than shells. White and granulated lime are more pure than shells.

Shells have to go under serious digestion to get out the calcium. Shells carry a % of sand so you will need a bit more shells than lime…..dirty shells too can be a cause of disease.

4. Heat stress.

At one farm, the birds lost feathers and remained naked simply because they had a lot of heat from the roof! The house was too short, and this problem used to happen only during the dry season.

So, because the behind of the birds was naked, these other birds could easily see the ka vent coming out as the bird lays the egg and they started pecking…..even after laying, these birds as they try to prick off the feathers in a way of cooling their bodies from the heat, a little blood came out which attracted other birds to peck…

This behind of the bird what you always call the ntwingiri is always pecked because of this


Plan the houses very well! With proper ventilation

5. Debeaking

I do not have mercy on beaks. Even if it leads to too much pain, I have to cut off the beaks using this pair of scissors ( looks like a pruner but a bit smaller)

The last time our own LEILA forced us to use electronic debeaker, she lost birds oba how many! that’s my experience! What about yours?

Debeaking should always be done right, by the right person, at the right time( 10 to 12 weeks) and handle the stress after debeaking using SANGROVIT WS 2 days before and 2 days after. Actually sangrovit works on different types of stress.

6. Design of laying boxes.

Your laying boxes should be properly covered to give enough darkness when the bird is laying….otherwise if it’s very exposed by too much ligh, these birds will easily peck since they see other’s behind when they are laying.

Try to place the laying boxes in a dark place, not direct in the sun or where theres a lot of light.

Supplement your birds on sangrovit to control stress after debeaking, after vaccinations, deworming, transportation ( brooder) and all other kinds of stress. Sangrovit also improves broiler weight gain.

Find sangrovit and sangromix active D in all vetshop, vet pharmacies, josca farmers world, kafiika animal feeds.

Or call 0788289811


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