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Agro and poultry Kenya –

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agro and poultry 2019

This is one of the must attend events in Nairobi,Kenya this year.

If you are interested in starting out in poultry farming or improving your production I highy recommend you attending this event.

The event is scheduled to take place at the Sarit Center in Nairobi.

This is  a 3 day event from the 22 to 24 of February, 2019.if you are interested in attending then pleasse plan for the place you stay to avoid any inconvences and delays in attending the event.

Agro and poultry Kenya is an event that provides a unique opportunity fro you  and the others in attendance to expand their respective brands.

The timing is as from 1000 hours  to 1800 hours.   

The category of this event is a trade show under  agriculture and forestry segemnts.

The estimated number of participants for this event is  between  50,000 and 200,000 with over 500 plus exhibitors.

The event happens annually and is organised by the MXM exhibitors from UAE.

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