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Did you know…
One of the most popular root vegetables use around the world are carrots.There are many ways to prepare them.Most interestingly is the many health benefits that carrots provide our body.Carrots get their traditional yellow color from beta-carotene and alpha carotene, they also contain several nutrients like zeaxanthin, lutein, gamma-carotene,Vitamin A,B,K minerals and fibre.
1.Boosts Immunity
Carrots have the ability to be juiced, which gives you carrots in a concentrated form with all of its essential nutrients.If you consume just one glass per day, it will help your immune system, help your body fight against diseases, damages, viruses, bacteria and inflammation.
2.Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Maintenance.
Carrot juice can even help to maintain a healthy cholesterol level and blood sugar level because of its high potassium content.Also, because carrots are low in sugar and calories, it is beneficial to diabetics and can help prevent diabetes from occurring.
3.Cleanses the liver.
It can help clean the liver from any harmful toxins.The high amount of Vitamin A in carrots plays  a key  role in flushing out toxins from the body.It also reduces the bile and fat deposits in the liver .In addition, the the soluble fiber in the carrots helps cleanse the liver and colon by facilitating waste elimination.
4.Glowing Skin
Carrots contain antioxidants and minerals , such as potassium , which  help your cells from breaking down.Because  of this , carrot juice can help your skin to remain young and healthy looking.
5.Helping Strengthen the Bones
carrots have a high amount of vitamin K , which helps your body to build proteins.As a result, it helps your body to process calcium , which heals your body and broken bones faster and helps to strength your bones.
6.Increases Metabolism
Carrots also contain phosphorus , which is nutrient that increases your metabolism and allows your body to have sufficient energy throughout the day.It can also help remove any pain or inflammation after a hard workout.Carrot juice also contains Vitamin B Complex , which can help to break down fat, glucose and protein in your body.Therefore, it helps your body to build muscle, increase your metabolism and lose weight.
7.oral Health Maintenance
Carrots also have nutrients that contribute to your body’s oral  health , such as fighting bacteria in your teeth and gums.Some of the minerals  contained in the carrots are anti-bacterial and help to prevent cavities and tooth decay.Carrots can even help to remove stains and plaque from your teeth.
8.Prevents cancer
Carrots can even help your body to fight cancerous cells .After you eat and digest your food , some of the waste that remains in your body are called free radicals and they can do major damage to the cells in your body.
9.Promotes heart Health
Your heart health depends on many factors, include  getting enough sleep, remaining physical active , decreasing your stress level and eating a healthy diet.Carrots can helpin this as they are full of dietary fiber and antioxidants that help to keep your heart healthy by aiding in the circulation of your blood and removing any plaque from your arterial walls.
10.Protect Eye Health
Carrots may be best known for their ability  to aid in the health of your eyes.That is largely in part to the nutrients that contains: lutein , beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.Beta carotene  is a form of vitamin A and it is essential to prevent eye disorders such as mascular degeneration and blindness.Zeaxanthin and lutein are are both essential in fighting against the loss of your vision due age.
Carrot Juice Recipe
You will need:
2 cups water (if using a blender)
2 cups chopped carrots
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp fresh peeled ginger
ice cubs
1.Combine all ingredients int o a blender
2 Blend
3.Drink and enjoy
NB: If you are using a juicer add the items one after the other