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5 must do items in rice

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Rice farming has existed in Kenya for decades yet the country still lucks the ability to sustain itself.

Kenya imports tons of rice from global rice producers like Pakistan.

There are 5 top items I have picked to share with you today.

You should allow water to flow into the farm and soak the soil for a period of 3 days.

After the third day you are at liberty to let the water run-off between days 5 to day 7 depending on the type of soil you are farming on.

Though rice requires a lot of water no plant likes too much water that is why you have to monitor the water levels on your farm.

The other guidelines to follow include:-

  1. Seedlings to be transplanted should be 8 days to 12 days old.
  2. Plant a seedling per hole
  3. Ensure your farm has an inlet and outlet of water
  4. Your farm should be free from the effects of salts
  5. Distance from the plants should be about 25 cm by 25cm

This five items are a guarantee towards a better harvest and improved production on your rice farm.

Benefits of good farming practices

Benefits of following the practices include

  • Improved harvest
  • Reduced amounts of water required
  • Reduces the number of seedlings required by 50% and 70%


After working hard the entire season it is so heart breaking if you lose your harvest due to poor storage or to pests.

Good storage has the ability to

  • Reduce post-harvest losses
  • Reduce wastage through unnecessary consumption
  • Improves market prices
  • Boosts networking among farmers

Your farms production highly depends on the weather conditions and reducing your post-harvest losses.

By use of irrigation you can increase your chances by reducing your dependence on the ever changing climatic conditions.

Good storage and harvesting goes a long way to ensure your move closer to your financial security and reduce post-harvest losses.

If you don’t follow good farming practices from the start there is a higher chance of suffering huge post-harvest losses.

Production estimates

Below I have listed the estimated costs of starting out in an acre of a rice farm.

Remember this are estimates and can vary from location to location and where you source for your supplies.

The estimated production is 26 bags per acre in a duration of 120 days.

Preparation                                      15,280

Seeds                                                 1600

Water                                                15000

Pesticides                                           3480

Maintenance                                     12,000

Fertilizer                                           24,000

Harvesting                                        32,000

Total                                                103,360


Rice is one of the most consumed serials behind maize and beans.

Apart from the easy access of labor to work on the fields, rice farming is a lucrative venture to start out on as an investor.

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