Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

Supporting Farmers


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The planting season is with us again and the hard working spirit of Kenyan farmers has been seen in their early instinctive preparations with some blessing from the heavy rains witnessed in the country, but not without some challenges.
With the farming season started in kenya’s food basket of Uasin Gishu county and its environs so has the demand for readily available food for pests.This has welcomed the destructive army warms with it.
The destructive insects though only introduced in Naigeria in the rest past has been thriving in the continent in more than 30 countries for a long time due to the warm temperature.The last planting season farmers counted losses of upto 1.5 million hectares destrpyed by the invaders with billions of dollors washed into the ground.
Due to its Poliphogus nature – It not only attacks two or three crops but can attack upto 80 plant species.The pest migrates to warm areas during the cold season this has helped reduces its spread in the United States but with the conducive temperature in Africa and its un controlled state the pest is thriving.armyworm.jpg
well all is not losteven when farmers are already fighting the invaders in Eldoret.The key to winning is through applying the right pestivicde at the right stage that is during the first 3 life stages of the larvae.
While organizations like CIMMYT are working on restistance crops and other biological methods, huge amounts of money is still needed to invest in research and develoment.
One larvae lays upto 1500 eggs a month spotting and destyoing the eggs ealry keeps the destoyers away.

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