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Digital Farmers Kenya or DFK is one of the largest farmers group on facebook with over 300,000 active members.

If you have an item to sell or a question to ask this is the best platform for you to get your concern sorted out.

With the high number of daily visitors they share a lot of concerns related to the agribusiness filed in the country.

I highly recommend you request to join the group if you are not a member. There are a few rules they use but they are placed to ensure sanity in the group and efficiency.

One of the rules is, if you post an item for sale you must include the price.

This rule no only allows you to sell but acquire potential customers.

Farm Visits

Being a new year, several people have great wishes to have a successful year.

With this in mind the administrators of the group have desired to organize for farm visits from their members.

There are two farm visits announced at the moment. The farms are located in different places and will take place at different dates.

DFK intends to visit Naivasha and Tigoni.

Naivasha Farm visit

Members and non-members of the group are to visit one of the largest producers of indigenous vegetables in the country.

This farm has a variety of over 60 vegetables under cultivation. What will surprise you is that they only practice organic farming.

This is one of the reasons you should book a place to visit the farm.

DFK has not given the exact farm visit date. You are requested to be patient and wait for more detailed communication concerning the farm visit that is scheduled for early this year.

Remember the trip will not be free and you will be required to pay some figure in order to facilitate the trip.

Feel free to MkulimaTODAY with any question or clarification on the farm visit.

The other farm visit is scheduled for:-

Sun berry farm

Sun berry is one of the largest producers of farm products  in the country.

The farm is located in Tigoni near kenmere along Limuru road.

DFK announced that the visit to Tigoni Sun berry farm will be on the 9th of February, 2019.

If you are interested in attending the event the amount of money to be paid is 500 shillings per head in order to facilitate the logistics to the farm.

The things you can expect to learn on the day include but not limited to them:-

1. Organic farming

2. Processing

3. Value addition

  • Goldencape gooseberry juice
  • Golden physalis jam
  • Dried golden berry
  • Golden pie

There are more to learn and earn and not limited to the above list.

You can confirm attendance to the farm through the contacts 0722774306.

Registration should be done before the 5th of February, 2019

Source; Digital farmers Kenya

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