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Juicers can be expensive, ranging from $50 to $400.Some more expensive juicers will break down a lot of the fruit by grinding the core, rind, and seeds.
You may not need a juicing machine to make your juice.You can use a blender for most whole fruits or vegetables to keep the fiber.Add water if it becomes too thick.You will want to remove seeds and rinds, and some skins.
Once your juice is ready, it’s best to drink it the same day you make it, for food safety.Wash your blender or juice machine thoroughly , so it’s ready for the next batch.
How many calories are in your juice? That depends on whats in it.
You could be taking up to four fruits, and now the calories start add up.If you use vegetables to juice, the calories are a lot less.If you use mainly vegetables add an apple or kiwi for flavor, calories are a concern if its pure fruit juice.
You can make your juice more balanced by adding  protein.Some good sources are almond milk, greekyoghurt, flax seed, ground nuts and peanut butter.

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