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Drip irrigation the next chapter in farming –

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Drip irrigation is the supply of water to farms by use of drip lines.

Supplying drips of water at a specific amount of water over a specified period of time.

With the ever changing climatic conditions, waiting on the rains is never the best road to take when building a viable agribusiness venture.

Like any successful person who has ever roamed the land under the sun don’t let something so unpredictable like Mother Nature decide your fate.

Drip irrigation should be your new best friend.

With the unpredictable weather patterns globally you and I, farmers, can no longer fully rely on Mother Nature for guaranteed harvest.

The increased negative impact of global warming has greatly impacted famers negatively year on year.

You are at the mercy of either excess rainfall or too little resulting in low and poor food production.

You can do this type of irrigation by use of machines or manual labour.


One of the major importance of this type of irrigation is that you can apply it in several farms and plants.

You can administer to fruits, trees and vegetables.


The uptake of irrigation in the country though still low there has been rapid improvement in this field and easily adopted by farmers.

In areas that drip irrigation is practiced like in Nyamasaria, Kisumu county , in  the farming of indigenous vegetables has greatly boosted the availability of fresh food in the city while creating a consistent source of  income to the farmers.

The area is dry but the farmers are using the best of the single river running close to the farm land to maximize their profits and not rely on food from rainfall rich areas like Nakuru County.

Factors to consider in drip irrigation.

There are several moving components that work together to ensure you’re your farm is watered.

Some of them include:-

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Valves
  • Pressure valves and source of water

Other factors that should be in your irrigation plan

  • Area topography
  • Source of water
  • Type of soil

Drip irrigation is good to the environment and has been so successful in countries like Israel and Egypt boosting their economies significantly.


You must be frequent on your farm and not a stranger or a visitor by sending people to look at your farm.

Visiting your farm frequently will help you monitor the plants, the farm and the drip lines helping you deal with any problems like blockages in the pipes as soon as it happens.

I would recommend you do soil analysis for your farm before you introduce any fertilizers to ensure good production.

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