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Effects of cross breeding chicken

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I was asked the above question by a farmer from Maseno, Kisumu County. He was wondering g why his flock production has not been on the rise since he introduced local birds to his high breed poultry flock.
This is a common practices in rural areas with the hope of earning more by cross breeding. Well you should earn more if you do it the right way but if not done , the positive effect may take long to be felt or not realized at all.  
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Although better management procedures can significantly improve the performance of local birds, some feel there is also a need for genetic selection.
Pure-breeding and selection programs have been developed in Bangladesh, although not implemented in the field. Although improvement of local poultry breeds would be beneficial, it is essential to evaluate breeds and their crosses before undertaking a breeding strategy.
Research conducted in the United Republic of Tanzania concluded that selection for dual-purpose characteristics within individual local populations is both time consuming and costly.
Cross-breeding with improved breeds is recommended, followed by selection in the composite population.
Although consumer preference in most developing countries is for dual-purpose breeds, it is important to restate that in the same bird, the traits of increased egg production and increased broodiness are genetically incompatible, as are the traits of high egg production and high meat production. Selection for any trait within these pairs will reduce the other trait of that pair.
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