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End of year dairy farm tour and training | Kenran Dairies –

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End of Year Dairy Farm Tour & Training – Kenran Dairies – Rongai 12th December 2018

The perfect way to end your year is here to all dairy farmers and those interested in venturing into dairy farming.

Kenran Dairies located in Rongai will be hosting an end of year dairy farm tour and training. This thriving dairy hub is owned by the former South Mugirango MP Omingo Magara.

The one acre farm tucked deep inside Ongata Rongai (a few minutes drive from Nairobi CBD). Visit the farm to experience the best practices on how to run and improve your farms capacity.

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Kenran started with 6 dairy cows in 2016 today it is the hub of 85 dairy cows comprising high yielders, low yielders, in-calf heifers, and heifers housed in different sections of the unit.

The animals are grouped depending on age and development stage.

Utilizing modern innovative technology in milking and preservation, Kenran Dairy is one of the most technological advanced farm in Kenya today.

The cows are serenaded with slow jam & classic music, undergoes pedicure, shaving to keep them clean and sleeps on cow mattress to ensure comfort hence more milk production.

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One of the biggest headaches for large-scale dairy farmers is safe milk preservation and boosting their milk yields while maintaining their profit margins.

Because majority of the farmers lack affordable milk preservation equipment and machines, some end up using dubious methods to achieve this goal.

The farm, having partnered with Euro Dairy supplies innovative dairy equipment’s such as coolers and milking machines from Muller — a farm equipment company in Netherlands.

Hon Magara also runs a fully stocked state of the art facility that stocks modern dairy farming equipment’s, spare parts and general cow comfort such as cow brushes, cow shaving machines, hoof cutters, cow magnets and detergents for washing milking machines, all which are key to boost milk production

Things to be covered:

  • Dairy farming as a business
  • Production and herd structure
  • Housing
  • Spacing
  • Animal health
  • Calf rearing/young stock management
  • Feeds/feeding management
  • Groupings and requirements (lactating, dry cows, calves and heifers)
  • Cow comfort and efficiency
  • Herd management
  • Adoption of technology
  • Socio-economic management
  • Staff management
  • Challenges

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