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Eucalyptus tree farming basics –

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What is the total tree cover in Kenya?

Kenya is one of the nations with low forest cover with under 10% as required by the united nations.

The government has improved their efforts to restore the water towers.Total tree cover has grown to 7% with a growth of over 5.3% since 2013.

There are different types of trees planted in the country both for commercial purposes and for beauty.

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The trees are either planted by the government or private citizens like yourself.

The best seedlings for tree planting are those that the growth is maintained and you can trace the parent plant.

You should pick your seedlings depending on the qualities you need as the farmer.

timber farming guide

Protect your seedlings to avoid interference or getting unwanted traits from the undesired trees.

High quality seedlings

Therefore helping the tree maintain its good quality as that of the parent plants is key.

The traits you should look out for include:-

  • Fast growth,
  • Produces straight timber,
  • Hardiness to diseases,
  • Doesn’t split unnecessarily and
  • Fire resistant.

A good timber farm produces good harvests and the only way to achieve this is by having good seedlings.

Tree farming is one of the most lucrative agribusiness ventures in the country.

A good seedling is one that is certified and the parent plant is known, the traits are transferred from the parent to the young seedlings.

Seedlings you need to avoid are those that are not from any particular farm.

The seeds are picked from any tree and from anywhere without any considerations of the quality of the trees.

It is risky for you as a farmer to plant seedlings that you have no idea what the harvest will look like, remember this is an investment and you should expect returns.

Poor quality seedlings

Those seedlings that are not certified and the parent plant not known are sold at a lower price and can result in huge losses on your end.

The losses will come as

  • Bent trees
  • Large leaves with a small stem
  • Small size for the matured trees
  • Different varieties growing on the same plant

High quality yields

To avoid all these and any other unforeseen losses use the right seedling and seeds.

Good quality seeds result in

  • Good harvests
  • Fast maturity

There is a clear advantage from tree planting as compared to other agribusiness ventures.

A tree farm is no different from the other farms like beans or maize etc.

Lastly I would advise you not to plant tree but farm trees this is the only sure way to get harvests and income year on year.

Production costs

Farm land   10,000

Preparation 12,000

Seeds           6,000

Planting                7,800

Maintenance   10,800

Total                    46,600

Duration to full maturity of trees 7 years

This is an estimation for 450 trees/acre

This figures can change from location to location

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