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Mkulima I hope sharing this will help some of us here to help and reduce on mortality in the brooders encountered a problem on one of the farms, where the 7 days old chicks were getting blocked on their behinds.

Droppings were getting stuck and the bird could no longer pass out its excreta

But what could have caused this:

The problem is called *PASTED VENT*

vent pasting is as a result of so many factors as discussed below.

1. Water availability in the brooder….

Birds that are unable to have easy access to water when they have eaten will get a pasted vent. It simply means the feed will not be easily digested, so in the same way the bird will find a challenge in passing out the firm/dry droppings.

Farmers should provide enough drinkers in the house, and the height of the waterers should be easily accessed by the chicks.

2. Drinker placement;

As a fact, chicks do no drink tea. So when you put water near to heat, they will neglect the water! Which leads to constipation and pasted vent. So water should always be put a distance away from the heaters!

3. Feed texture.

If you are giving chicks self mixed feed, it should be of very fine texture (almost like flour) for easy digestion….if they are given big particles of feed, the chicks fond a challenge in digesting and passing out.

Pelleted feed and crumbles are highly digestible and will not cause you any challenges.

4. Temperature regulation.

Farmers should always follow the temperature regulation guide when brooding….putting too much heat in the brooder causes dehydration, vent pasting, panting and increased mortalities.

A thermometer in the brooder is a must, if you do not know how to use behavioral changes of the chicks to regulate temperature.

5. Escherichia coli infections.

One of the most disturbing diseases in the first week of a chick’s life is e.coli

It can cause increased mortalities in the first few days, birds unable to stand or walk( usually starts on day 2) ….birds just resting on their chests helpless!……mucus from eyes, at times a diarrhea, and PASTING OF THE VENT.

farmers should therefore select good quality chicks from good breeders, stop receiving chicks without proper disinfection, and clean and disinfect all equipments even if they are new!

6. Chicks can have their gut blocked by foreign materials which is not feed.

Before the first 30 hours of s chick’s life, it cannot differentiate what is feed and what’s not feed. We therefore supposed to use brooder paper in the brooder to help these chicks not get access to litter /bedding……once they eat and their crops fill up, so that’s when they will be able to differentiate feed and water from not edible material

For that reason we never miss our magical sangrovit in the brooder! Our first 6 days ( layers) or ten days ( broiler) are always made safe with sangrovit; which helps us to :

A. Improve appetite

B. Reduce brooder mortality

C. Protect the gut/intestines against disease

D. Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients from feed

E. Work on the transport stress and all other kinds of stress.

F. Improve growth.

Vet Charles ssekatawa.


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