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These are more serious infection as they are mainly caused by miss handling of feed and you can infect the birds unknowingly ending up to huge losses both in death of birds and feeds.
The fungus Aspergillus flavus commonly grows on stored feed ingredients where moisture content is over eleven percent, especially cereal grains (such as maize [corn]) and oilcake meal (such as groundnut [peanut] meal).
The aflatoxin called mycotoxin is the specific toxin produced by A. flavus.
The toxin itself may remain after all sign of the fungus mould is gone. Ducks are more vulnerable to the toxin (with a lethal dose in the feed of one part per million [ppm] of aflatoxin) than chicken, which can tolerate up to four ppm.
Mortality and effect
In acute forms of the disease, mortality can be as high as 50 percent. Common adverse effects include immuno suppression, reduced growth in young stock and reduced egg production in hens.
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This disease is also called airsaculitis. The fungus Aspergillus fumigatus causes the disease by growing as a fungus in the lungs and interconnected air sacs.
The fungus grows on damp litter or feed, and the bird breathes in the spores, which grow into easily visible lesions as green and yellow nodules, which can completely fill the lungs.
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