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Google to close their social media platform Google+ –

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Google recently announced that it will be closing their social media platform Google plus.

The alphabet owned company has been struggling to compete with giants like facebook , twitter and instagram while facing even stiffer competition from new companies like snapchat,tinder among others making it very difficult for google to grow its market share and have a say in the social media land mine.

What does this mean

Like facebook or linkedin Google plus is one of the largest community or forums driven platforms.

The forums  on Google plus ar elike facebook  groups and was a hit with farmers and other professionals coming together to share the challenges of their industries and come up with solutions.

This is a big loss  to the groups and communities that existed on the platform.

Thanks to facebook the converstions will still keep on.

Neither the parent ocmapny of google Alphabet or google itself anounced if there will be a replacemn t of goofle plus or if they intend to buy the other socila media platfroms.


Even with the introduction of new features and the use of artificial intelligence the company has struggled against the competition.

Google announced on their blog platform that the support for the social media platform will officially be ended in April of 2019.

It also announced that access to third party applications will be restricted and stopped as early as March of the same year.

You will still be able to post to the platform using existing connections but you will not have the ability to add new connections.

The company states on its news platforms that the ability to post will be disabled in the early months of the year 2019.

If you were never on the platform or an active user the closure of Google plus is not the end.

Your next best option is to be active on facebook and join facebook groups like DFK/Digital Farmers Kenya to ask and receive questions that would help you in your farming venture.

Connect with farmers today through facebook groups.


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