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Guide to chicken farming plus costs –

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how to do poultry farming in kenya

I have received a lot of questions and requests from farmers requesting to know what they need in order for them to start doing poultry farming.

In this article you and I will be going through the needs on starting and managing a profitable poultry empire.


For any poultry farm to have the desired results that is in your head .The following must be followed strictly like a doctor’s prescription.

This basics can guarantee a great harvest or facilitate learning through the hard way.

  • Source for good chicks
  • Have feeds with nutrients
  • Control of diseases
  • Good record keeping
  • Clean poultry house

If well taken care of any chicken has the ability to lay an egg a day.

If the feeds are not of quality then you will experience delays in laying and low productivity.

Chicken farming is a great source of employment opportunity, food and fertilizers.

Waste from chicken houses are in demand as feed full of nutrients for fish farmers.

Before venturing into poultry farming and investing your hard earned cash please speak to an expert.

This will not only ensure the growth of the birds as required but will also help in avoiding mistakes like building of houses that might reduce the productivity of the birds.

Low productivity is sunk capital since it will take a longer time and more effort to achieve your desired goal.

It is good for you to deal with an expert at all stages of farming.

If you have hatched your eggs from an incubator or the chicks are to be transported over a considerable distance you can feed the chicks on glucose or starter feed to provide them with the required energy.


Ensure that the flock is vaccinated to reduce losses as a result of diseases.

Keep in touch with an extension officer if not in a position to have a full time person on your payroll.

On the 21st day administer the first dose of vaccines against new castle diseases and on the 10th day the first dose against Gumboro.

For the best growth of the chicks provide a heating systems and readily available source of feed and clean water.

 If this is not available ensure the chicks remain with the mother hen for a period of about two months or fully feathered.

Though they can control their body temperature from the age of two weeks this will help in their rapid growth.

You should provide the chicks with light for a period of about 17 hours this will ensure they feed properly and are able to see the food resulting in better growth.

During vaccination and other encounters with the use of drugs ensure the quality is the best.

This will help in ensuring the efficiency of the medicine is retained and works as required.

The risks of administering low quality medication to your flock is they will develop resistance to the better quality drugs.

Though they might be slightly expensive, in the long run you will reap the profits.

Good quality drugs ensure you don’t lose the flock as a result of disease outbreak even after vaccination.

Drugs are retained in the body of chicken for an average of 48 hours or less.

Good quality drugs ensures the consumers of your chicken meat and products are not affected.

The poor quality drugs effects can remain in the bird until adulthood.

With good feeds easily available to the flock ensure the birds can develop their own immunity as a result of nutrient intake and reduces the overall costs of production.

Remember just like human beings chicken also require basics like food and shelter.

For the best development of the chicken flock ensure there is enough space for the birds per square feet.

Below I have the estimated costs of starting out.

The costs can vary depending on the location of the farm and your needs as the farmers.

Prices are in Kenya Shillings

Preparation             16,000

Chicks                    30,000

Feed                        24,000

Vaccines                   8,000

Electricity                 6,000

Experts                   16,000

Total                     100,000

Time duration 3-12 months

The above figures are for a farm with 300 chicken

Profit 80,000

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