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How likely is it for your chicken to die from a disease –

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Many farmers invest a lot of time and resources into their craft I included and would not wish to loose their chicken and had labored for products and produce. I have carried out a study to show you what poultry signs and discomfort  is likely to kill your flock of birds before you have a clue what hit you.
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Signs of poultry disease observed by farmers
Signs                                                                                     Frequency %
Chickens huddle together                                              16.1
Coughing, sneezing, rapid breathing                         13.2
Discharge from mouth and nostrils                            10.9
Dullness, no appetite, closed eyes                               10.9
Paralysis of legs and wings                                             9.2
White droppings                                                                8.6
Turned or twisted neck                                                     8.0
Dark red color of head and comb                                  6.9
Greenish or yellow droppings                                         4.6
Bloody reddish droppings                                                4.0
Swellings of head and comb                                            2.9
Pale comb                                                                            1.7
Worms in feces                                                                   1.7
Eye worm                                                                            1.1
I don’t take any risk with my farm neither should you, don’t take a back seat when it comes  to your investment.
Ensure all the chicken are vaccinated at the right time and clean water is always readily available.
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