Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

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Farmers tipped on best seeds for highlands
Farmers have been asked to use certified maize seeds to be able to curb pests and diseases.
SeedCo managing director Kassim Owino said that right seeds makes the difference in farming.
He noted that there were new seed varieties from the company for the highlands producing over 30 bags per acre. The three varieties were named as KH621A, KH621A (TWIGA 81 and TWIGA 83) and Tembo 73.
According to Owino, for the highlands, a spacing of either 25 by 75cm or 30 by 60cm is recommended.
He warned that if a farmer fails to plant in each hole, he will lose plants from each of those positions and compromise yields.
Major problems facing maize farmers include diseases like Maize Lethal Mecrosis Disease (MLMD) and Fall armyworm invasion.
“The solution for MLMD lies in seed breeding and I think so far there are two varieties that have been released,” noted Owino. With armyworms, he recommend the use of Corragen, March, Scant and Belt pesticides, which have shown strong results in controlling the pest.
Trans Nzoia executive in-charge of agriculture, Mary Nzomo, said the county governments is taking measures to control the pest.
– Gerald Bwisa

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