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How to pack your eggs for the market

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It is hard enough to rare your chicken to maturity so don’t loose the eggs that you have waited for so long to harvest.Avoid losses during transportation to the market by ensuring you use the right packaging materials.
Eggs can be packed with a padding of rice husks, wheat chaff or chopped straw in firm-walled baskets or crates.
This greatly reduces the risk of shell damage in transport. In Iran, long flat boxes, each containing about 1,000 eggs cushioned in chopped straw, are commonly used for the transport of eggs to the capital from a distance of up to 1 000 km.
The boxes are transported in trucks over rough roads, but breakages seldom exceed five percent. The main difficulty with such systems is in standardizing the number of eggs per container.
Consignors and receivers will otherwise spend much time counting eggs and repacking to ensure that the correct number has been received for payment.
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The standard type of transport egg packing container is the 30-egg tray, which is made of paper pulp holding six rows of five eggs each.
The trays are stack able either when full or empty. A standard box of 360 eggs (30 dozen) is made up of two stacks, each comprised of six trays. Washable plastic reusable trays are also available.
Cases are usually made of wood. Half-cases to hold 180 eggs (15 dozen) are also common and are usually made of corrugated cardboard.
Regardless of the distance and road conditions you don’t deserve to loose your produce .
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