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Starting out in dairy farming plus

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Dairy farming is one of the largest farming ventures in the country minting millionaires.

Though most of them practice dairy farming with cows, there are various other ways to practice dairy farming.

The other two major ways include the use of camels and goats.

There are many ways to start out in dairy farming, but there is only one way to succeed and that is by following the best practices and the un-written laws of dairy farming.

You should venture into dairy farming if you are not already involved in i.

Why am I advocating for this? Dairy farming is a huge way to earn an income for yourself while generating income for the state through taxation.

If a county has the ability to provide for itself, the costs of importation can be redirected to other sectors of the economy.

Due to rapid increase in population in the country, there has been an increase in demand for milk and milk products.


Below are the factors to consider as you plan on starting out in dairy farming.

  • Consider the size of your flock
  • Have good records
  • Choose the best of breeds
  • Group the animals with similar traits in one category
  • Provide good feed
  • Keep the vets and animal experts close

Care for cows

Keep the heifers away from the bulls until such a time that they will be ready for mounting.

This is basically a time frame of about 18 months.

3 months before the mounting period have the following items ready

  • Good feed with nutrient value
  • Enough clean water
  • Minerals
  • Extra feeds of about 2-3 kilograms per day
  • Look for a market
  • Visit your farm on a regular basis
  • Speak to experts

My own opinion is that so ass to boos t milk production in the country and be food secure at least each house hold should own a cow.

The best way for you to reduce production costs on your farm is by producing your own fodder especially during the dry seasons.

Production costs

Housing                                            20,000

Cows                                                56,000

Feed                                                  18,000

Medication                                       10,000

Maintenance                                     16,000

Total                                                120,000

Estimated profits are up to 216,000.

The duration is about 16 months.

All the figures listed above are estimates and varies from place to place.

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