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Organic farming is the use of readily available resources from plants and animals to develop your fertilizer.

Health is paramount to every leaving organism and organic farming is the key to a healthier lifestyle in this age of profit first and genetically modified farm products.

It is not only a health benefit but also a thriving and premium form of farming.

100% organic farm produce fetch more money in the markets due to their high quality and health benefits.

This type of farming uses no chemicals but waste from plants and animals.

It also has environmental benefits since the chemicals introduced into the environment are reduced for the good of your community, society and nation in the long term.

Many farmers use fertilizers with salt that help in the support and boost the productivity of the plants but with many challenges.

The ability of the soil to produce healthy plants with high rate of productivity reduces year on year with the continuous use of fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers are not only affordable as compared to the others but they also help restore the lands natural nutrients and you can add them to the farm at zero costs by making them on your own.

Organic fertilizers are good for both vegetables and fruits farming.

For the consumption of your produce avoid the use of waste and products from pigs, cats and dogs.


  • Maintenance and improves the soil
  • Healthier food

Use of fertilizers is not the only option in boosting farm productivity. Organic farming guarantees the healthy lifestyle of your consumers.

Use herbicides and fertilizers within the right quantity not only to save the environment, and consumers but also for yourself.

Competition inorganic farming is not as stiff and very profitable especially in the international markets.

You don’t require a large parcel of land therefore reducing immensely your startup costs in organic farming.

Organic farming is also friendlier to your pocket since it is cheaper compared to the industrial fertilizers due to the readily available raw materials.

Shelf life is increased as well as increased production.

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