Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Supporting Farmers


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After hectares of maize farms being invaded and farmers facing huge losses the government finally steps in.
10 counties that act as the food basket for Kenya have been seriously affected.
The parliamentary committee on agriculture summoned the cabinet secretary for devolution to shine light on the matter.While the committee members wanted the ministry to release upto a billion shillings to support farmers Mr Kiunjuri the cabinet secretary for agriculture informed them the country can raise upto 400 million shillings.

Kenya is bound to loose half of its annual harvest of cornif the situation is not managed, prompting the committee to ask the government to name the situation a national emergency.
The minister said agriculture is a devolved function and he has set up a meeting with governors of the affected counties to understand the situation and find away forward together and find out  what they are doing and their preparedness.

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