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Medical disease control in poultry farming –

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Simple medical control measures appropriate for free-range  village flocks include:

  • Vaccination against Newcastle Disease, Fowl Pox and Fowl Cholera.
  • Deworming for internal parasites in a mixed flock, with a polyvalent poultry dewormer such as Piperazine (added to drinking water). With guinea fowl, a dewormer against Trichomonas should be used.
  • Treatment for external parasites. Insects and other external parasites build up quickly in poultry huts, coops and baskets.

There are effective traditional methods against ectoparasites. All the surfaces of the basket, coop or hut can be sprayed with a suitable insecticide, using the same type of hand-pump used for spraying mosquitoes.
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This procedure should only be carried out when the house is empty in the morning, and the birds should not be allowed back inside until evening.
External parasites living on poultry can best be treated by adding powdered mothballs (naphthalene) and ash to the dust bath area.
Ash dust is more abrasive than ordinary soil dust, and thus removes the waxy coating of the insect exoskeleton when the bird takes a dust bath. If enough of the waxy coating is removed, the insect will dehydrate and die.
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