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Muguka farms in Embu get visits from desert locusts –

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A resident on January 25, 2020 trying to scare away desert locusts which have invaded Mbeere South in Embu County. The insects are ravaging muguka farms. PHOTO | GEORGE MUNENE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Desert locusts are wreaking havoc in muguka farms in Embu County as farmers continue grappling with the menace.

The locusts landed in Mbeere South on Friday evening from Kitui and are ravaging shrubs and green pastures in Kiambere and Mutuavare villages.

They have now spread to Mariari and Mavuria villages where muguka is grown in large scale.

Following the invasion, desperate farmers are using pepper smoke in a bid to chase away the voracious insects.

“We are burning pepper to produce smoke so as wade off the insects but the method is not working,” one of the farmers said.


The farmers lamented that the locusts are spreading very fast and may wipe out muguka and other crops which they depend on for survival.

Mbeere South MP Geoffrey King’ang’i said the situation is of grave concern and called for urgent government intervention.

“We want the government to ensure extensive spraying of locusts which are destroying crops in the area,” he added.

The affected residents said they expected a bumper harvest following heavy rains but with the invasion by the insects, they may not get anything.

Mbeere South Deputy County Commissioner Charles Igiha has already admitted that the insects are dangerous and that the government is taking the matter seriously.

Mr Igiha said the Ministry of Agriculture has already been informed of the invasion.

He assured the residents that the insects will soon be controlled and told them not to panic.

Source of story Nation Media Group NMG

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