A new report by the national statistics office CBS sheds light on the lives of Dutchmillionaires, who now account for 1.4% of the population but control 44% of the wealth. In total, the number of millionaires in the Netherlands rose by 500 to 106,200 in 2017, the CBS said.

The agency defines a millionaire as someone with more than €1m in assets, excluding their own home and mortgage. In total, the nation’s millionaires have combined assets of €309bn, or an average of €2.9m each. Their number has grown considerably since 2007 when there were 80,000 millionaires with combined assets of €231bn, the CBS said.
Some 80% of the millionaires are entrepreneurs of some sort – half have a majorityshareholding in a company and one third are self-employed, such as models, djs and football players.
Farmers account for roughly 20% of the millionaires with dairy farmers accounting for a large proportion of them. The financial services sector is second on the list of millionairejobs. Happily married Millionaires are most likely to live in Laren, Bloemendaal and Blaricum, where 10% of the local population is worth more than €1mln.
They are also more likely to be married – 71% compared with 45% among the rest of the population. Just 7% are divorced, half the general divorce rate. They are less likely than the population as a whole to be overweight and to smoke, but they are more likely to drink. Golf and tennis are their sports of choice.