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Options on how to market your eggs to earn more

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Eggs can be sold by graded size or by total package weight. Selling by graded size involves weighing each egg individually and grading the eggs within certain weight ranges (commonly Small, Medium and Large).
You can pack them in cartons of 10 or 12 eggs, and sold according to a price per graded size. Selling by total package weight involves packing the eggs without size grading, and selling the package according to a price per kilogram (like almost all other food products).
Consumers in the more developed countries are accustomed to buying eggs graded by size and boxed into cartons.
Grading eggs by size requires complex machinery for grading and packaging, as well as monitoring and testing of all grading machines, and sample monitoring of the various grades at retail outlets.
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In developing countries without the capital or administrative capacity to undertake such extensive monitoring tasks, the better option is to sell eggs by total package weight.
If a market weighing scale is used to weigh foods such as rice or maize, then it can also be used to weigh eggs so that they can be sold by package weight. Selling eggs by package weight also simplifies the situation where standardization of containers and grades has not yet been developed. It also makes price comparisons between different types of food items much easier for the consumer.
Eggs in most developing countries are sold by quantity rather than by weight, which penalizes the producer of larger eggs.
As local breeds of hens usually lay uniformly small eggs, this is not a significant Image result for eggs salesproblem. However, as the market grows and a demand develops for different sized eggs based on the availability of commercial hybrids (laying larger eggs) in periurban areas, the decision to sell eggs by graded size or by total package weight must be faced.
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