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Strategies of improving your chicken breed

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Many farmers have struggled with the concern of improving their breeds of chicken either by  buying improved breed with the blind faith that everything will work out correct but this is never a guarantee.
I want to inform you that you are not alone in this struggle to improve your chicken breed.
Below I have outlined some of the key issues you should clean out when working on improving the breed to enhance productivity.
The following two rules should be incorporated into breeding strategies:

In traditional conditions should not be modified until management and housing have been improved and, even then, selection should be restricted to local breeds.

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Technical Conditions
When technical conditions are optimum and a ready market exists for the products, then improved breeds, crosses and hybrid strains that have been selected for high performance can be introduced into the peri-urban system, even at small-scale levels.
The most common method of improving the local gene pool is crossing indigenous and exotic birds, and then leaving the hybrid offspring to natural selection.
Pure-bred or hybrid cockerels (or pullets) selected for greater meat or egg production are introduced into local flocks, usually in order to increase egg production. It is important to note that improved growth (for meat production) and high egg production are genetically incompatible in the same bird.
The genetic traits are negatively correlated, which means that selection for one trait will reduce the other.
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