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Temperature control in egg production

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The most effective way for you to preserve egg quality is to store eggs between 10 and 15 o C during all handling, transport and marketing phases.
Insulated containers and/or vehicles can maintain cool temperatures during long-distance transport. Even an outer layer of straw in a basket will help.
In hot weather, and where there is no cool storage system, your eggs should be transported to market at least every third day.
You should never leave eggs standing in the sun or in a very hot room. Air conditioning or even an electric fan is advised whenever practicable. However, as air conditioning has the negative effect of drying out the egg contents as well as the advantageous effect of cooling, wet sacks should be placed as curtains in the cool store to alleviate this dehydrating effect.
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If fans or air conditioning are not available, then shaded well-ventilated rooms or underground cellars should be used.
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