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Juicing is one of the best things that you can do to improve your  overall health.It is a fantastic way to add extra nutrients, antioxidants and fiber to your diet without  adding a lot of extra calories.Plus , you can juice practically any fruit or vegetable! And those veggies that you can’t stand to eat raw can easily be juiced with a few of your favorite fruits and veggies to mask their taste.
It’s a stupid simple way to start in cooperating a wide range of new, healthy fruits and veggies in your diet and  nutritionists and  health savvy consumers alike utilize juicing to in cooperate exotic and nutrient dense produce into their daily diets.
If you’re interested in doing the same, then the first thing you should know is when to juice.
Most people don’t know that if they simply change the timeline of their eating habits, they could become healthier.As kooky as it is may sound, it’s incredibly accurate.Our food especially  if our digestive systems are bogged down.People who eat fatty and greasy foods in the morning may not be able to fully breakdown and absorb the nutritious food they eat later in the day.
For avid juicers, the concept is  similar, As a rule of the thumb, juicing should always take place on  an empty stomach.For most people , this means that for the greatest benefit, they must drink, their fresh juice in the morning before breakfast.
The best tip for new juices is to drink their juice on an empty stomach when your stomach is void of food,It’s able to absorb all the nutrients found in fresh juice.Your stomach is probably its emptiest in the morning before your breakfast.This a phenomenal time to drink your daily dose of fresh juices.
When your stomach is  empty, it will rapid;y absorb the first thing it comes in contact with.Whether you introduce healthy food and drink to an empty stomach or fatty unhealthy foods is your choice however your health will be greatly affected by this choice.
On an empty stomach, your body will be able to benefit the most from the high concentration of nutrients that can be found in fresh juices.
For a healthier body, it’s important to introduce healthy options to your diet overall, but especially in the mornings when your stomach is completely empty.Ideally the first thing you put into your stomach each morning would be a large glass of fresh juice.Your body will absorb all of the energy and nutrients in the juice with little help from your digestive system.
In doing so , your body wont waste any of the precious energy, nutrients and antioxidants in the juice.Plus , it will only utilize a minuscule amount of the digestive energy.

As a point of CAUTION!

Start out with least acidic fruits and vegetables.I you drink a large  glass of orange juice then your stomach might rebel against you.Start with small glasses of any type of fresh juice, especially of the citrus variety, and soon your stomach will become conditioned to the acid in the morning.
As a rule always drink juice on an empty stomach or 1-2Hrs after meals


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