Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Supporting Farmers


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Oserian one of the largest horticulture companies in Kenya has been active in the region for decades.
Based in Naivasha, Nakuru County the flower farm has not only created jobs but built an entire mini town, but the future doesn’t look so rosy for the thousands of hectares of the rose flower.Even roses have thorns.
The management has decided to turn  their land from farming to industrial uses and residential areas.This is aimed at expanding the existing amenities by sub division of the company assets.
Creation of industrial park known as Two Lakes Industrial Park is on going and some of it is operational.
All none roses crops handlers have been put on contract terms to see the industrial park come to life.
To comply with the flower industry norms no employee on permanent employment has been terminated and none retrenched.
The company,Oserian, is looking for tenants to fill the Two Lakes Industrial Park, the development of the park is inline with foundation of green energy and agro processing business in line with their aim of being carbon neutral.

Oserian aims to create up to 20,000 jobs with the industrial park.

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