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What is sangrovit and how to apply in chicken farming – MkulimaTODAY.co.ke

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Mkulima Sangrovit®️ puts a feather in your cap. Because Sangrovit®️ has *IQ INSIDE* : MkulimaTODAY

intelligence that pays for you.

Measurably better feed intake confirmed by independent studies.

Faster growth, higher animal vitality, higher appetite.

In short: increased yields.

Sangrovit comes from Phytobiotics.

*Not in tins, but in practical portions instead*

From the people who studied how to increase yields in poultry.

Mixing ratio of sangromix active D is 300g in a tonne of mixed feed.

Sangromix active D has lingnosulphonates that prolong the lifespan of feed and create a favourable pH for the good bacteria in the body. It has a supplement that helps to detoxify the liver and improve calcium metabolism. It stops leg paralysis, broken eggs, increases egg production, and stops vent prolapse.

Sangromix active D also works as a perfect acidifier that can fight against bad bacteria that pass via feed, so protects the intestines against diseases, and increasing palatability of feed.

*enkoko zo tozikottoggera*

Give then what works.

Supplement your birds on sangrovit ws every month for 10 days, after vaccinations, after debeaking, after deworming, after any stressful activity. Add sangrovit ws to every treatment for better response and quicker healing process.

Sangrovit ws improves health, improves egg production, improves immunity, improves growth, keeps the birds healthy, improves appetite and improves digestion of feeds.

Fights against stress.

Sangrovit WS for drinking water, 1g in 20 ltrs of water for 7 to 10 days.

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