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What you must have in your dairy farm –

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A reliable human labor is required in order to keep a dairy farm up and running

regardless of if it is automated or not.
You should not only have a skilled labor force on your farm but they should be motivated,dedicated and satisfied.
For your dairy operations to truly kick off and serve you at the level you dream of first and fore most you should start by considering your needs.
You want to ensure that yourself and your staff are trained and retained , this is as important as the right feed that the cattle receive.
If there is a milk man available or you do it by yourself .You want to ensure that he/she has the following characteristics:-

  •                 Calm
  •                 Reliable
  •                 Sober minded
  •                 Healthy and above all
  •                 Passionate about the animals.

Remember you don’t want to employ everyone who comes knocking or calling at your farm.Instead first think of your needs.Then you can employ a person with the required skills set to fulfill the needs and tasks you want completed.
For you to have the best staff you are at liberty to advertise on the dailies or by use of word of mouth and referrals.
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If the person to be considered for the vacant position claims they know and understand some concept for example artificial insemination or mixing feed ask for a demonstration from them.
Once the interviews are out of the way , make sure your team know and understand exactly what is expected of them and their duties.The new employee should be informed of his/her job description in the presence of their supervisor if you have that kind of position.
This gives you peace of mind since you can concentrate on other tasks and not worry about an incompetent staff.
Many farmers   that I have talked to complain about the luck of consistent feed supply and the high cost of commercial feed .To ensure you have the best supply of feed you need to plan your growing schedule this not only helps in labor management but also in productivity.Image result for dairy farming
Your farm should be able to produce at least 75% of the fodder consumed b y the farm.This will help you reduce production costs as most of your expenses will  be used on feed.
If labor is solely employed on your dairy unit a single employee can manage the farm and handle the daily operations of milking,feeding,dung disposal for a 50 cow unit.
As the herd grows so the duties,such  as marshaling the cows,breeding management and feeding can take a considerable amount of time.
For your dairy enterprise to be successful you want to follow the above guidelines as it will ensure you smile on your way to and from the banking hall or from the cash dispensing machines.
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